Thursday, July 30, 2015

Free Verse Poetry

When I'm alone I...

Muck around
Sit in the corner
Run around with Alfie
Watch the TV
Go outside on my own
Run around with Alfie
Bite my nails
Try to sleep
Watch the clock
Confuse myself
Humour myself

By Charlotte

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mr Robinson.


This morning we went to tech and I painted on a piece of cotton.

In the afternoon we had a swim sports meeting and I get to be in the relays team with Korban next Wednesday. Mr Robinson started singing in the afternoon and we all started cracking up.

Top tips: The flag is Scottish because I am Scottish.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tapa Art

                                              Yesterday Miss August's class made some
                                              Art with Mr Robinson. The kind of art we 
                                              made was Tapa Art where you draw a
                                              flower shape on a 14 cm by 14 cm piece
                                              of paper. Once you have drawn your flower
                                              colour it in with pastels and then dab it with
                                              any colour of dye. 
                                         Tip of the day: Use yellow dye for a better effect.
                                         By Charlotte.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dogo news on Friday

On Friday, my reading group was doing a dogo news.

Dogo News Term 4 Week 3

Learning Intention: To evaluate the information that is presented in the text.

Skimming & Scanning

When: October 14 2012
Where: New Mexico
What: Sky diving


He broke the skydiving record.

Article Comprehension:
  1. What did Felix Baumgartner do in 2012? How did Alan Eustace surpass that?
Alan Eustace has completed a similar feat by skydiving from an even higher altitude - 135,908 feet.
  1. What was the main difference between Alan's and Felix's ascent to space. What was the top speed Alan attained when coming down? Why was there a sonic boom heard on earth?
The speed Alan was going on was 822mph. They heard a sonic boom on earth because Alan says he did not feel or hear it. Though he did stumble out of control for a few seconds
  1. What records did Alan break? What records does Baumgartner still hold?
Alan broke the skydiving record of 135,908 feet! But Felix still holds his record of 128,000 feet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My production recount.

Applying my make up made me even more nervous. I was totally scared. When I arrived at Hosanna Church, all of the butterflies in my stomach grew bigger and bigger and bigger. I walked into the changing room in the back. This was a massive room with only inches of space. I placed my cape on top of my shoulders and passed the pin through my white t-shirt and out again. I clipped them together therefore making my cape stay on my shoulders. My hood on my cape had a clip at the top, so I clipped it into my hair making the cape stay where it should be, on my head.

Walking up onto the stage was the worst bit of the production with people staring at you from the audience. The lights dimmed down and the data projector started playing a clip on all of the fairy tales and maori legends. Quickly the lights flashed on and we all stood up and started singing a song, The Story Of My Life by One Direction. After we sang our song we all sat down on some benches which were so uncomfortable by the way.

There were 10 dances which meant 9 fairytales and 1 maori legend. Hansel and Gretel, The 3 little pigs, Little red riding hood (we did that one), The tortoise and the hare, Beauty and the beast, Alice in wonderland, Goldilocks, Maori legend, Cinderella and The wizard of oz..

On walked Mackenzie. She introduced the 4 members of “the gang.” The first character who walked onto the stage was Johnny. Johnny is a nice, funny, sporty, and handsome kind of guy but however his passion of winning can get in the way. Next was Britt. Britt is a very smart girl, however she is a bit sarcastic. Next was Patricia. Patricia is beauty and brains who enjoys manicures, pedicures and reading but hates stupid comments and all things yuck. And now Yobi well isn’t the brightest to put it politely his hobbies include rapping, playstation and wearing bling, how he managed to make it as a reserve on the lit quiz is still a mystery. Now for our villians, Mr Villiansworth and his assistance Mr Croc. Mr Villansworth is the owner of his school Evil academy who is mortal enemies with the Papakowhai School team. Mr Croc is Mr VIlliansworths assistance. To be honest it didn’t look like he was enjoying it. Now the final member of the gang is Gruby. Gruby is the team's secret weapon she is in the school band and loves to read.

My dance was the 3rd dance to perform. We were doing Little red riding hood. Our song was Thriller/Heads will roll. We were all amazing. After the 6th dance performed and the acting for that scene was done we all stood up and sang the song Today Was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift. Then there were 5 dances left and 5 scenes for the secondary characters to act in.

It was time to find out who had won the lit quiz. Was it going to be Papakowhai School or Evil Academy? The Papakowhai team were stuck on a question but then Yobi jumped up and got the question right, therefore Papakowhai School won the lit quiz.

As the production was coming to an end we all stood up and started to sing the song Happy by Pharrell Williams to end it off.

The end.